Did you know facts about granite?

Did you know facts about granite?

1. Did you know that the word “granite” comes from the Latin “granum”, which means grain? The granite’s unique granular texture is formed by interconnected crystals that form when molten rock cools beneath the earth’s surface, solidifying individually as quartz and feldspar, along with mica and small amounts of other minerals. The size of the crystals do depend on the time it takes for the rock to cool.

2. Did you know there are numerous colors of granite, The color of granite depends mainly on the type of feldspar it contains. Some are white, but certain varieties have a wide range of colors, including green, red and light yellow, depending on the degree of impurity and traces of other elements.

check out the main cliffs in the world that count on granite:

·         Great Tango Tower (Pakistan);

·         Mont Blanc (France);

·         Ruth Gorge (Alaska);

·         Bugaboos (Canada);

·         Fitzroy (Patagonia).

3. Did you know Granite forms the highest cliffs in the world, including the Great Tango Tower in Pakistan, probably the highest in the world with 1,676 meters of fall? The Tango Tower is composed of ballet granite, also found in the Latok chain. Other large granite walls include those of Mont Blanc in France, Ruth Gorge in Alaska, the Bugaboos in Canada and the Fitzroy and Paine groups in Patagonia

4. Did you know the granites found in the City of Rocks, Idaho, Cochise Stronghold and Mount Lemmon, Arizona, and Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, are all very distinct from each other but were formed more or less 30 million years ago? During this time, the oceanic plate that slid beneath North America broke, exposing the lower part of the American continental plate to very hot magmatic rocks. The heat created new points of magma, which generated huge bodies of granite scattered throughout the American West. rss tech

5. Did you know All granite from the surface of the earth came from the depths, usually about 32 km underground.
6. Did you know Pegmatite is the most common “bad” rock found in the Black Canyon of Colorado, USA, but has a granite-like composition. Pegmatite has very large crystals, which grow rapidly from the last parts to cool in a granite formation. Pegmatite has a high incidence of other components incompatible with the granite that formed there. When a piece of pegmatite comes loose in your hand, it’s good to keep an eye out: often the loose part can contain rare stones and minerals like seawater, emeralds, and tourmalines.

7. Did you know the largest granite mountain in the world is Kangchenjunga, in the Himalayas, at 8586 meters, the third-largest in the world, behind Everest (8848 meters) and K2 (8611 meters).

8. Did you know In Yosemite National Park, California, the granite found in the iconic El Capitan and Half Dome is different? The El Capitan is 102 million years old and is mixed with diorite, a dark mineral. The Half Dome is younger, composed of granodiorite that was formed 87 million years ago.

9. Did you know Granite is the main component of the continental crust? The oceanic crust is much denser because it contains more iron in its composition.

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