Did you know facts about organs of smell?

Did you know facts about organs of smell?

Planetwide facts

1. Did you know vultures can see a dead animal 3,000 meters high and smell it 50 kilometers away

2. Did you know the first sense to develop in the newborn is the smell. The baby is able to recognize the mother by the smell.

3. Did you know the area of the nose responsible for identifying odors is called the olfactory epithelium

4. Did you know the human has 25 million olfactory cells.

5. Did you know Human olfactory cells occupy only 10 square centimeters of the nose.

6. Did you know Dog olfactory cell occupy 25 centimeters

7. Did you know Shark olfactory cell occupy, 60 centimeters.

8. Did you know the human nose has the capacity to feel up to 1 trillion different smells.

9. Did you know A male of a moth can smell a female two miles away.

10. Did you know the dog has 300 million olfactory cells.

11. Did you know the bear has 4 billion olfactory cells of the same type.

12. Did you know Sharks have so developed a sense of smell that they can smell blood from miles away.

13. Did you know Snakes smell through the tongue.

14. Did you know women have a more developed sense of smell than men.

15. Did you know that many insects use mouth and antennae to smell

16. Did you know Prawns are not smelly. They only release the stench when they feel threatened. The bad smell comes from the secretion of two glands that possum possesses in the anal region..

17. Did you know The largest flower in the world is the Rafflesia arnoldii (or flower-monster), native to Indonesia. It is also one of the most stinking.  has the smell of rotting flesh.

18. Did you know One in ten people suffering from head trauma loses olfactory ability. They are people who live in an odorless, odorless world.

19. Did you know Exaggerated and abnormal arousal of the nose is called hyperosmia.

20. Did you know Eighty percent of a food’s taste comes not from taste, but from smell. That’s why we have trouble feeling tastes when we have the flu.

21. Did you know there are transient olfactory hallucinations? This type of hallucination, in which the person swears to smell unpleasant, is called cacosmia.

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22. Did you know Twenty-five percent of people over 65 have a hard time smelling.

23. Did you know There are about 10,000 artificial flavorings. The artificial vanilla flavoring is more expensive than the natural one.  its odor is ten times stronger than to the food. That’s why its been preferred by industries.

24. Did you know The smell of beer is the result of the sum of vapors of 700 substances.

25. Did you know Cooking gas has no odor. The smell of the gas is added by the manufacturers for the reasons of possible leak, people avoid accidents.

26. Did you know the chemical composition of the Moon makes it smell like gunpowder.

27. Did you know cadaverine is the most stinking substance in the world, the substance responsible for the evil odor of decaying bodies.

28. Did you know that the bad smell of poop is produced by the sulfurous compounds of the bacteria present in it.

29. Did you know the gas produced by “pum” is methane? He’s the one who leaves the “pum” smelly.

30. Did you know that one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect is methane? Much of it is generated by the “pum” of farm animals, especially oxen and cows.

31. Did you know Bad breath can be caused by about 60 factors, among them gingivitis, cavities, little saliva and saburra (bacterial plaque formed on the tongue).

32. Did you know a rat fertilized by a close relative abort as soon as it feels the odor of a strange rat, with which it will end up mating.

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