Did you know facts about Haiti

Did you know facts about Haiti

Amazing fun Facts about Haiti – Planetwide facts

1. Did you know Christopher Columbus discovered Haiti in 1492., He found that the area was inhabited by indigenous tribes now known as Taíno.

2. Did you know Haiti is a country located in the Caribbean region .

3. Did you know He initially named Haiti as ‘La Isla Espanola’ which means ‘The Spanish Isle’.

4. When Columbus first saw Haiti (and the whole island of Hispaniola), he thought he had found India or Asia.

5. Did you know Its territory includes the western part or one third of Hispaniola Island and several other small islands.

6. Together with Cuba, Jamaica , and Puerto Rico, Did you know Haiti is one of the countries that belong to a group of islands of the Great Antilles in the Americas.

7.Did you know Haiti is indeed called the poorest country in the western hemisphere, citing the August 2018 edition of CNN.

8. Did you know After the 7 magnitude earthquake that triggered the tsunami in 2010, Haiti has also become the world spotlight.

9. Did you know According to the Haitian government , the death toll from the earthquake reached more than 300,000, but other estimates say the number is smaller, citing the Britannica website.

10. Did you know Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean, after the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

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11. Did you know An earthquake of magnitude 7.0 in early 2010 is estimated to be the worst earthquake in more than 200 years that hit Haiti .

12. Did you know The epicenter was only 15 miles from Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti .

13. Did you know There were 52 further aftershocks after the initial earthquake

14. Did you know There are no natural gas, oil or coal reserves in Haiti this mean all the needs of fossil fuels and petroleum products must be imported.

15. Did you know Haiti is full of bright colors.This is especially evident on the buses they obtained from the United States, This bus is known as the Tap Tap Bus.

16. Did you know Only 5 out of every 1,000 Haitians own a car.

17. Did you know People Haiti more frequent use of public taxi or Tap Tap Bus as a method of transportation for Haiti also does not have a railway line.

18. Did you know The largest fort in the western hemisphere is located in northern Haiti on a large mountain peak? the fort is called ‘Citadelle’ and is very popular with tourists in Haiti.

19. Did you know Haiti leads the western hemisphere region as the first country to abolish slavery. Only 65 years later the United States followed that trail.

20. Did you know Vodou (better known as Voodoo) is recognized as the official religion in Haiti .

21. Did you know there is no other country in the world that recognizes Voodoo as a religion or belief system like Haiti.

22. Did you know Haiti is the oldest independent country in the western hemisphere?

23. Did you know The most popular musical tradition in Haiti is called Compa.

24.  Did you know Compa is not a single style of music, but rather a variety of styles taken from rich cultural history, Namely, Taino, African, French and Spanish cultures?

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