Disgusting but interesting curiosities about mites

Present in mattresses, carpets and sheets, mites are among the main causes of allergic attacks, especially in children. But did you know that they are related to spiders? Did you know that there are species living even on your skin? Discover in the topics below some super interesting curiosities about these microscopic and problematic animals.

  • Mites are tiny animals belonging to the subclass Acari, of the arachnid class. A note: this is the same class as spiders.
  • The word Acari comes from the Greek “askaris”, which means “small”.
  • To date, 55,000 species of mites have been described, belonging to more than 500 families.
  • Mites live for two to three months, during which they mate once or twice. The laying ranges from 20 to 50 eggs.
  • Mites live in the most unexpected environments, from dust inside a house to the icy immensities of Siberia. There are species that live as parasites of plants and animals.
  • It is hard to believe, but there are two species that inhabit the human face. 
  • Research on Demodex habits revealed that females lay giant eggs, corresponding to 1/3 or even half of their weight. Another curiosity: they have no anus, storing faeces in their bodies until they die.
  • Demodex causes very little damage to its hosts (humans), including the appearance of rosacea, a flush that mainly affects the face, evolving in many cases to permanent redness.
  • Household mites are so abundant that, just to have an idea, a square meter of the carpet has around 100,000 of them. They also represent 1/3 of the weight of an old pillow.
  • Household mites are responsible for causing various allergic diseases in humans, including rhinitis and asthma.
  • Another disease caused by the mite is scabies, popularly known as human scabies. It is transmitted by direct contact between people or by sharing clothes and / or accessories for everyday use.
  • Dust mites infest domestic animals more often than you think. They are, for example, transmitters of canine scabies. It causes itching so intense that it makes animals hurt themselves with their own paw. The detail is that scabies is a zoonosis transmitted from the pet to the human being.
  • Among the preventive measures against the infestation of domestic mites, it is worth remembering some: exposure to the sun of mattresses, comforters and blankets, constant exchange of pillows, frequent washing of carpets and treadmills; frequent washing of stuffed animals, and daily aeration of the environment. It should be remembered that to avoid mites in pets, it is always good to groom and use anti-mite shampoos.

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