Did you know facts about Cockroach

There are thousands of species of cockroaches, one of which is the American cockroach, the most common in Brazil. But Did you know that , notwithstanding the name, it has African origin? Discover in the lines below some exciting and very disgusting curiosities about this creature, feared by some and hated by all.

Did you know that  There are more than 5,000 species of cockroaches? One detail: a thousand live in Brazil.

Did you know that  The only place where cockroaches do not exist is the polar caps – that is, the cold extremes of the planet.

Did you know that  Of the 5,000 known cockroach species, only 1% are considered urban pests.

Did you know that  The most common species in Brazil is the American Periplaneta or American cockroach? The unusual thing is that, despite the name, it originated in Africa.

Did you know that  The oldest fossil record of a cockroach is around 200 million years old (proof that they lived with dinosaurs).

Did you know that  While a human being can withstand 12 times Earth’s gravity, the cockroach is able to withstand 126 times?

Did you know that  Although it lives between 5 and 6 months – depending on the species, of course – a single cockroach is capable of leaving 800 descendants?

Did you know that  Cockroaches have small hairs on their abdomen that allow them to detect “vibrations” in the air and find out if an enemy (a slipper, for example) approaches? These vibrations are also perceived through the hair on the legs.

Did you know that  The antennas work as taste, tactile and olfactory sensors?

Did you know that  The cockroach’s hearing is so sensitive that it is able to detect the approach of another cockroach, as well as small earthquakes (something like 0.07 degrees on the Richter scale).

Did you know that  Cockroaches transmit 32 diseases by bacteria, 17 by fungi, three by protozoa and two by viruses?

Did you know that  Want an idea of ​​diseases transmitted by cockroaches? So, here it goes cholera, plague, typhoid, herpes, polio, conjunctivitis.

Did you know that  Some species of cockroaches can survive a month without a drop of water?

Did you know that  Cockroaches can survive several days without the head?

Did you know that  Cockroaches can crawl dozens of meters even with their guts exposed after a slap?

Did you know that  If a cockroach’s leg is pulled out, it can recover it in a few days?

Did you know that  Cockroaches do not sleep but withdraw during the day? It does not hurt to warn: if you usually find cockroaches during your day at home, it is a sign that their population is very high.

Did you know that  Cockroaches run so fast that if they were the same size as a human being, they would quickly reach a speed of 320 kilometres per hour?

Did you know that  A very disgusting unusual  (really !!): cockroaches can bite your lips while you sleep.

 Now, an even more disgusting unusual: cockroaches can put their head in a person’s nostrils to eat secretions.

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